The Jungle Guard Film Launching

The Jungle Guard Film Launching - Ms. Pauline Tamesis's speech

The Jungle Guard Film LaunchingA film by Slek Rith Motion Picture features monk Bun Saluth who lead community to protect forest in Cambodia was screen at its first launch in Phnom Penh, Lanka Pagoda on 20-May-19.

Today’s release of the Jungle Guard takes place on the day we commemorate the birth of Buddha. This is a reminder of the Buddha’s teachings on enlightenment, death, and rebirth. The continuous cycle of life is the cornerstone of our natural environment, particularly for forests

The Jungle Guard’s story of Monk Bun Saluth singlehandedly organizing a campaign to protect a forest and its wildlife in Anlong Veng District, is an inspiration. Monk Bun Saluth’s extraordinary ability to inspire this non-violent movement has caught the attention of Samdech Prime Minister and many other partners, including the United Nations

Monk Bun Saluth is a leader not only for Buddhist Monks, but for everyone as we all have a role in protecting and preserving our precious natural world. 

The film and Monk Bun Saluth’s work coincides with the soon-to-be released UNDP National Human Development Report – Custodians of the Forest

The Report features ways to sustainably manage natural resources that are central to long-term human development gains. The Report also features how communities can play an important role in complementing ongoing state efforts to maintain and sustain natural resources

With Monk Bun Saluth as an inspiration, we need similar innovations moving forward.  For example, UNDP’s report mentions the Payments for Ecosystem Services, that might be scaled up to make visible the economic value of environmental services and to finance larger-scale sustainable management of natural resources.

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